The Universe Has Your Back

This is the smile of a girl who knows the Universe has her back.

Last week, my flight to Montreal to celebrate my sister's bday and bff's bachelorette was cancelled due to weather.

When I was sent the details of my new flight, I read it as 2:15 on the following day (March 15).

Well, you can imagine the major face-palm moment I felt when I'm at the airport kiosk, putting in my booking reference number, and my reservation doesn't exist ... I look at my flight details and notice it says March 16. F**** !!!

Deep breath in as I get in line to speak with an airline agent telling myself, "it's all happening as it's supposed to"...

I end up getting an amazing agent who I am silently blessing, and lo and behold she gets me on a flight only 2 hours from now. I say to her "from my heart to yours, truly thank you".

Never doubt that you are supported, it's all happening as it should and that if you believe it, the Universe has your back. 

Krista ButlerComment