Mindful Eating Meditation for Chocolate

Question for you:  when was the last time you ate chocolate?

I don't mean when did you last mindlessly scarf down a chocolate bar or box of chocolate chip cookies (which is so easy to do as you binge watches Netflix- Grace & Frankie, anyone? So good.)

But truly, when did you last taste chocolate?

Have you every paid attention to the smells, taste, color, sensations and total vitality that good quality chocolate can bring?

If no, now is the time!

This 2 minute meditation is a chance for you to observe the subtle qualities of the food you put in your mouth.

Go ahead and grab any of the following:

  1. Cacao bean (you probably don't have this lying around your house, but if you want to get a bag, invite some friends over, and do this together, it's so fun!) (where to buy)
  2. Cacao nibs (where to buy)
  3. Good quality dark chocolate (like this or this)
  4. Homemade Chocolate Treat (like this or anything from this Pinterest Board)

Grab your chocolate, sit down, and press play for this brief mindful eating meditation.

(This mindful eating exercise is based on the work of Deanna Minich in her book Chakra Foods for Optimum Health.)

Action item for you:

At your next meal, bring this observation and attention to the food you put in your mouth.

Pay attention to the smells, color, tastes and intention that you put into your food.

I can almost guarantee you that it will make your food taste better AND infuse you with nourishing goodness.

What insights or feelings came up from doing this meditation?

Let me know in the comments.