Human being vs Human Doing

Most people I know are in a constant state of doing

From to-do lists (anyone else write out things you've already done on the list just so you have the satisfaction of crossing it out? yep. I hear ya), going for a run, preparing a delicious Mexican-inspired meal, taking your dog for a walk or tackling the pile of laundry- there is always something that needs to get done.

But the reality is...

We are human beings, not human doings.

So my challenge to you is this: 

Lie on your couch today for 5 minutes.

cozy sweaters and Medusa-like hair are not required, but recommended    

cozy sweaters and Medusa-like hair are not required, but recommended


No music, no reading, no phone, no pets and no sleep!

The idea is just to be there. 

And if 5 minutes seems like too much, start with 2.

Seems like a simple enough request, right? But...

I can already hear the excuses you're making as to why you can't do this:

Gotta prepare your lunch for tomorrow, The Bachelor is on at 8 o'clock, there are just way too many interesting pics on instagram....

And to all these "doings"- I call BS!

If you have spend 20 minutes each day to get lost in the slumbers of Facebook, you have 5 minutes to give this tiny gift of self-care to yourself.

So go ahead. Notice the thoughts that cross your mind as you're laying there. Picture each thought as a cloud, simply blowing past. No need to hold on, no need to dwell.

Just simply be aware. 

Krista ButlerComment