Free Food Journal

They say it takes 6 weeks to create a habit.

Habits are even more easily cultivated when you are being held accountable for your actions.

This Food Journal (click here for printer-friendly version), is to hold you accountable for what you are choosing to put in your mouth (we’re talking food here, get your head out of the gutter!).

Print it out, fill it out and be honest.

Here’s the fun part:  you get to become a detective.

A detective of all things going on in your bod.

Why is that important?

Every single one of us is different in terms of what food is “good” and “bad”.

For example- why can some people handle gluten, and others cannot?

Or let's take a less controversial, seemingly harmless fruit- the banana.

Over the past few months my lovely sister has been acting as her own detective to get at the root of her digestive issues.

Her discovery- the banana- her go to fruit most mornings, is making her feel like crap.

How does she know this?

She started keeping track of everything she was eating, and saw the pattern: 

Banana= bloat.

And so, I invite you to start keeping track and notice how your body feels after eating.

Enjoy your detective duties.

PS: Need a guiding hand in this department? Click here to find out how we can work together so that you won't feel bloated, big or blah for any summertime weddings you have coming up. 

PPS: Play this song while you print the food journal. So good.