Samantha Fox Olson- Healthy, Happy & Hot Entrepreneur

Samantha-CircleName: Samantha Fox Olson

Biz Role: Yoga & Fitness Trainer


Location: Hawaii, USA

#1 Health Tip: Be consistent and show up with a heartfelt quality that serves you.


Samantha is your go-to girl for moving your body. This yoga, fitness and meditation expert will have you craving to move and play in your body each and everyday.

Samantha believes it's important to be able to practice no matter where we are and no matter what the schedule looks like. You don’t necessarily need to commit to 60 minutes a day, but even just 5 mins a day is huge!

Using your children as an excuse to not pull out your yoga mat? Think again. Samantha believes that when children see us taking care of ourselves we become their light of inspiration (lead by example, right?).

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She also believes in the power of morning rituals (as do I, check out my post on that here).  When we start our day on a positive note, we set a positive momentum that carries forward throughout the day.

When you bring a positive heartspace, and attitude of gratitude to your workouts (and what you do in general) only good things can come.

I so loved my chat with Samantha, and I know you will too. Check it out below (and check out her 7 day free training here).

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