Jodi McMurray- Healthy, Happy & Hot Entrepreneur

Jodi-McMurrayName: Jodi McMurray

Biz Role: Coach, Mentor and Strategist


Location: Ottawa, Canada

#1 Health Tip: Be true to yourself- don't do things that you think are healthy because everyone else tells you that's what you should do. Trust what your body and your soul are calling for.

You can feel the goodness radiating from Jodi McMurray.

A former development worker and Diplomat, Jodi suffered emotional and physical burnout that made her revaluate what she was doing with her life.

As a result she created a new way of life for herself, which includes making her health and wellbeing a priority.

[Tweet ""Entrepreneurship is a crash course in personal mastery"- Jodi McMurray of The Humanity Collective"]

I just love how Jodi takes time for herself in the morning to do what she needs to do. Like so many of us women, at first she experienced feelings of guilt and selfishness for doing this, but she's gotten over that (and shares how you can too!).

Check out our chat here:

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