Top 5 foods to Eat in 2014

With the new year comes a sense of a fresh-start, right guys?

So why not start the year off right by adding these amazingly nourishing foods to your eating regimen!

Got a favourite of these? Let me know in the comments below!

1. Fermented Veggies 

Any fermented vegetable will be a great natural probiotic to have on hand at all times.

My personal favourite is fermented salsa because it is so versatile. Scramble up some eggs? Top it off with salsa. Cook up some ground beef? Make it a Mexican feast by adding salsa on top. Salsa.

The options are endless with fermented veggies.

2. Butter

Ah butter. My favorite “health” food. Although this might be hard to accept by some, butter is a nourishing food. See for yourself why this is here.

Where to buy: Ideally a local grass-fed cow farmer. Otherwise, choose an organic butter from the grocery store.

3. Leafy Greens

You’ve heard it before, but leafy greens are just a powerhouse of nutrition!

Kale Chips, Steamed Chard, Salads, Stir-fried mustard greens (with garlic)… the possibilities are endless!

And if you don't like greens? Just add bacon.

Where to buy: Local Farmer's Market (ideally from an organic farm!)

4. Grass-Fed Meats

If you struggle with weekly meal planning, I highly recommend stocking up on some grass-fed meats so that you have the peace of mind that something healthy is always in your freezer! Source out the good quality beef, chicken, lamb, pork, etc that live in your area and fill your freezer with it!

Not only is this quality meat good for you, it is good for the environment (despite what you've heard about cow farts!)

Where to buy: Check out your Local Farmer's Market.

 5. Coconut Oil

Healthy Fat. Get it in you now! Put it in your coffee and/or tea (trust me you won’t regret it!). Use it for baking. Use it for cooking. Use it as a moisturizer! And know that no matter how you are incorporating it in your life, you are nourishing every single cell in your body, from the inside out!

Where to Buy: Coscto (most coast effective!), health food stores, many grocery stores & online.

Wishing you and yours a 2014 filled with happiness, health & good food.

Remember to leave your comments below on your favourite food on this list!

Much Love,

Krista B.