There's a Cow on my Counter

One of the bestways to save money when it comes to buying top-notch quality meats is buying in bulk.

So what did I do last week? I paid $214 for 1/6th of a cow.

(Shout out to Jason for hooking us up with his Dad's awesome beef-holla!)

That is money well spent, my friends. Because now my freezer is filled to the brim with ready-to-use, oh-so-delicious, grass-fed beef!

In case you ever wondered what 1/6th of a cow looks like, here are all the pieces, laid out on my counter with a written list to keep track of everything! Not too shabby.

One aspect of taking this little cow into my home is that I need to be organized with the different cuts of meat. 

Basically, it just takes a bit of organization and you will be set to go!  It's great knowing we will always have something healthy on hand if we are in a pinch. All it takes is a bit of thawing and knowing your cuts of beef!

See you in the kitchen (or perhaps at Costco, investing in a deep freeze?),

Krista B