The 1 Habit You Should Start NOW to prevent colds & flus this season

This 20 second video will tell you the #1 THING you should start NOW to arm yourself and boost your immune system for the upcoming cold & flu season:

You heard me talk about the benefits of bone broth in the context of a detox.  

But now, I dare you to start drinking it every morning, as part of your routine as a cold-buster.

What you need to do

First step: find a butcher that sells bones from pasture-raised animals (ie they got to see the light of day and weren't fed antibiotics or homornes).

Second Step: Find big pot. 

Third Step: Put bones in pot, add water, put on stove and wait. 

No, For Real

For a more thorough explanation, check out How To Make Bone Broth.

No Flu Tea  (Adds other goodies to the stock to be EXTRA potent against illness)

Other natural remedies: 

Spice Rack Remedies for Cold & Flu Season

Start Now

I have personally started this  because it's getting pretty cold here in Nova Scotia, and I refuse to turn on my heat until at least the month of October (and I want to super-charge my immune system!). 

Not to mention, this is just an awesomely warming way to start the day. 

See you in the kitchen (or perhaps curled up under a blanket), 

Krista B