keep the GM foods OUT of our country!

I could write a really long post about the problems withGenetically Modified (GM) Food infiltrating our food system.

But that won’t keep your attention, and I really NEED your attention for this big issue.

Our health and nutrition depends on the FARMERS. We need them to be able to have nutrient rich soil to grow healthy foods and raise healthy animals.

PLEASE take 1 MINUTE from your day to instantly message our Minister of Agriculture right here about GM Alfafa in Canada:

We don't want GM alfafa in Canada because:

1.       Alfafa is hay that is fed to animals on farms, and if they are fed from a GM crop, their product then becomes waaaaay devalued nutritionally.

2.       “Contamination of other plants is a major problem because the genes from any crop can move, via seed and pollen flow. GM crops are resulting in increased pesticide use, herbicide tolerant weeds, and the expansion of industrial farming” – CBAN website.

3.       GM seeds are owned by powerful corporations (ever heard of Monsanto?). They don’t care about our health and well being, they just want money in their pockets.

Today is the day of action in Canada to STOP GM alfafa from entering our food system. Make your voice heard.