The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a tool that helps you to deeply understand your natural way of being. 

It has personally provided me with the most guidance and growth over the years.

The Enneagram.png

Things you need to know about the Enneagram: 

  • There are 9 main types of personalities
  • Everyone has a core Type
  • Everyone has a "wing" (which is to either side of their core type)

Real Life Examples

★ Stephen (my husband) & I actually understand each other now. Even after being together for 12 years, with this tool we actually understand the other's perspective. We see the world SO differently (He's type 1, I'm Type 2). Game changer for our marriage.

★ When I first told my bestie Sarah about this, she didn't love the idea of a "personality test" putting her into a box. That's because as a Type 4, she wants to be seen as unique & creative! Now that she knows her Type, she has so much more self understanding and leverages both her strengths and blind spots!

★ My sister in law found a deep self-understanding from learning about her Type 8 and has made some major changes for the positive

This is NOT like Myers-Briggs put-you-in-a-box type thing. Promise.

How to find out your Enneagram Type

I recommend doing these things simultaneously:

  1. Work with someone who knows the right questions to narrow down your type. I offer complimentary sessions on Type Discovery as I genuinely think everyone needs to know they're type! Click here to schedule your Discovery Call
  2. Read about the different types and see what resonates for you!

I looooove helping people figure out what their Enneagram Type is, so if you're interested, click here!