Dedicated 1:1 coaching

  • Forget the "be your best self" talk and let's get real!
  • Deep & heartfelt coaching to 10x your self-worth and groundedness
  • Uncover your blind spots and what's holding you back from everything you want


The Details

  • 6 month program- the perfect amount of time to see true and meaningful shifts
  • 3 phone calls per month- connecting often = deeper commitment & accountability
  • 45 mins per call- you'll be surprised at how much we can cover in this time
  • Abundant support between calls- think texting, impromptu "quickie" chats and email support


Your Next Step

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  • You want to feel supported on all fronts- starting with yourself, followed by a like-minded group

  • Fast track self-awareness and compassion for yourself and others
  • Learn from different perspectives and get out of your own way once and for all

The Details

  • 6 month program- the perfect amount of time to build a strong group connection

  • 2 video conference calls per month- so we can pretend we're nice and cozy in each other's living room
  • 75 minute calls- so we've got lots of time for group activities + individual coaching
  • Group Chat- Support & inspiration between calls


Your Next Step

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For my local Nova Scotians (or world travelers)

  • If hiking boots, ocean trails and disconnecting from technology gets you excited, this is for you
  • Reconnect with 1) nature 2) others 3) yourself
  • Build amazing connections with like-minded people 

Option 1

Accelerated Individual Growth

All the benefits of Dedicated 1:1 Coaching
+ 1 outdoor group adventure per month

Option 2

Connection, Connection, Connection

All the benefits of Group Coaching
+ 1 outdoor group adventure per month

Your Next Step

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