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you are someon who believes in the power of Love. Alignment. Growth.

What if your one-way ticket to fulfillment was simply you starting to say "yes" to yourself?

to Grow. to Connect. to Explore. 

I'm Krista, dreamer, doer & coach. And I believe in the power of women embracing their Dharma*

  • Dharma = your unique expression in the world


Hi, I'm Krista

This paragraph used to be about how I show up for you as a Coach.

I decided to simplify it and it comes down to this: 

I care about humanity. Where we're going. And the best way to impact the world we're leaving behind, is to start with us. As individuals.

Let's have fun, learn, grow and align with what's true for us!


Proudly Seen in: 

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I created an online coaching practice, which was great... but something was missing. That something... interacting in person with people!

And so, the idea of Heartventures was born (connection + adventure).

Every month, in 3 cities across Canada (currently Halifax, Vancouver & Toronto) we gather a group of women who care about personal growth, connection and nature. 

If you are interested in starting a Heartventure group in your corner of the world click here (coming soon).

Here's a few snapshots of some of these amazing hikes!

Heartventure, Duncan's Cove, NS- Group Shot!

Heartventure, Duncan's Cove, NS- Group Shot!

Heartventure, Kanaka Creek Falls, BC- Group Shot!

Heartventure, Kanaka Creek Falls, BC- Group Shot!

Heartventure, Musquodoboit Harbour, NS- Beauty views

Heartventure, Musquodoboit Harbour, NS- Beauty views

Heartventure, Lawrenetown Trails, NS- We've got HEART!

Heartventure, Lawrenetown Trails, NS- We've got HEART!

Heartventure, Musquodoboit Harbour, NS- Group Circle

Heartventure, Musquodoboit Harbour, NS- Group Circle


What others are saying


"Krista is a truly amazing coach. I have literally never felt so heard before. Her supportive nature, abundant love and pure joy are tangible, and create a very special connection within her coaching circles. I have grown incredibly over the last six months in this program - I'm more confident, more self-aware and more compassionate with myself and others. I am so grateful to Krista and hope that anyone out there on their life journey finds their paths crossing with hers. I have 100% gained amazing friends for life."
-Olivia M.

“It wasn't until I verbalized my frustrations with my current situation to Krista that I realized how unhappy I was. After 3 months of working together, I'm living the life I totally want RIGHT NOW. I’ve completely turned my life around. If that's not impactful, then I don't know what is! :) Krista, your authenticity shone through during our calls. You are phenomenal at what you do and please keep sharing your light with the world.”
–Kimberly G. 

"Krista helps work magic. Three things I’m taking away from group coaching are 1) we are our own worst enemy with self-doubt 2) challenges hone our skills so we can success 3) there is a silver lining to everything. I’m feeling so excited, and grounded, and secure about the future."
- Tara L.

"Coaching with Krista taught me to own my truth and speak it. To shine my light no matter what. I also enjoyed that you always called me out on my BS. Thank you for whom you've been in my life Krista :)"
- Lily M. 

"Thanks to group coaching I have a new perspective on my romantic relationship- more empathy, humour, and honesty. Every time I get on a call I leave as a more fulfilled, more peaceful person."
- Sam L.

"Group coaching taught me that it is OK to take the time to focus on myself and my own personal growth. I am worth the investment."
–Becky C.

“I loved group coaching. I truly believe we all learn from one another. We all  understand each other and it helps to know we are not alone. I’m grateful for the amazing group of women I’ve met.”
–Kamila B.

"I had moments of feeling skeptical and doubtful about group coaching, but now I'm filled with so much gratitude for my refreshed outlook and extended community. Group coaching has made me aware that a small shift in perspective is so powerful, the power of intention, and that I can change what I'm not happy with."
- Lauren T.


Women in Dharma


dharma: your unique expression in the world

Whether your unique expression comes through the work you do, your role as a mother or just the energy you emit, it’s all about you being fully expressed.

At Women in Dharma we believe that community is at the centre of creating a more inspired and loving world. Why? Because being part of a soulful community:

  • Brings support, love and confidence no matter where you are on your journey

  • Gives you a safe home-base to bring your celebrations, vulnerabilities and everything in between

  • When women come together in community, magical occurrences are inevitable

Click here to learn more.