What Is Kundalini Yoga (and how to breathe properly)

Today I want to talk about how Kundalini Yoga can positively impact your health and wellness. 

Kundalini Yoga is what some people consider to be the Yoga of Awareness.

It's not about getting into challenging physical postures, strength or flexibility.

It's more so about combining physical poses (which don't get me wrong can be super challenging and tough) with breath exercises, chanting & mantras, meditation, prayer, visualization and guided relaxation.

It is an elaborate system which works on purifying the mind, body and emotions.

I've been doing Kundalini for a while now and I've seen positive impacts in so many areas of my life.

Before this I never really truly connected with my breath.

And one of the biggest lessons I have learned is how to breathe "properly".

Go ahead and take a second and take a deep breath. Notice- is your belly being sucked in?

If yes, this is considered Reverse Breathing.

Think of it like this, when you take a deep breath in, you want to fill up your lungs. In order to that, your stomach needs to be pushed out in order for the lungs to truly fill up.

Put your hand on your belly and take another deep breath in while pushing your stomach out.

[Breath Demonstration in my "Man" sweatpants]

Be aware of this when you take a deep breath in, tune in to what your belly is doing and make sure that you are filling up your lungs to their fullest capacity.

This awareness of your breath will bring you calmness and fulfillment in your breathing.

One of the things I'm super excited to share with you is a specific Kundalini Breath meant to help you reduce cravings.

This breath is taught by my personal Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Sandra Briand, in my Food Rhythm Program.

This breath will help you bust cravings right on the spot.

And then play the song below, and spend the duration of it breathing & paying attention to your breath. It will be an amazing 4 minutes of your day. Promise.