How to simplify Healthy Eating

There's nothing like camping to remind you of how simple meal-making can be. This past weekend, Stephen and I spent a few days camping in the Magdalen Islands- a place we had never been before.

We spent our days walking endless beaches, paddle boarding in the sea and strolling through beautiful rolling hills.

One night for dinner, we ate the simplest most delicious thing:

  • local smoked salmon
  • fresh, local cheese
  • "fancy" crackers (I'm calling them fancy because they cost an arm and a leg... They were the only option at the cheese shop and for simplicity's sake we just bought them!)
  • a local micro-brewery beer (I honestly do believe that quality beer can for sure be a part of a healthy diet. Check out your local breweries who are committed to using quality ingredients and brew fresh!)

I turned to him and said "why can't all our meals be this simple?"

And he responded "Krissy (a family nickname, haha), they can be!"

And so, this leads us to my ask of you: 

Choose 4 go-to simple dinners.

I've created this worksheet to help you out.

Print it out and have it on hand to figure out what "quick" real foods you want to use for these lazy nights when you don't feel like being in the kitchen.

Once you figure out your "quick meal" please let us know in the comments below.

And remember, keep your food choices real, simple & delicious and enjoy & be grateful for every bite.