For those who love music and hate Monsanto


If you follow me on Twitter, you know that two of the biggest loves in my life are real food and music.

What would you get if you combined these two into a real-live-flesh person? Old Man Luedecke.

Old Man Luedecke, aka Chris Luedecke, won me over from the first time I heard his music.

Word of advice: get this banjo-playing, Juno Award-winning, singer-songwriter on your favorite i-device, ASAP. (He just released a new album, produced by another one of my favorite musicians, Joel Plaskett). Check it out.

What’s best, is that he combines his awesome music with powerful messages.

Take for example his song Monsanto Jones; about a mother who wanted to give her son a strong name, but whose life ended up being ruined, by the corporate entity of the same name, Monsanto.

Take a listen:

Here are the lyrics to Monsanto Jones for you to sing a long with:

Your parents they were different,They lived up that dirt roadYour Mama she was pregnant there was something that she knowIf you were born a boyShe had a name for you so strongWasn’t long till the world found outYour mama she was wrong

CHORUS:Monsanto Jones, Monsanto Jones, all the blame lies in your name, Monsanto JonesMonsanto Jones, Monsanto Jones, all the blame lies in your name, Monsanto Jones

She called you Monsanto,Suits your jaw line and your eyesThere weren’t too many relations to call in question whyWhen you started school every farm kid knew that you spit when you heard that wordAnd lawyers proud and near about got hungry when they heard


Now somehow your name floated on the breach to the corporate side of the fenceThe Agri Business giant, tried to find the senseNow were you a boy wonder or growing from a seed?A roundup-ready-modified doing the evil deed


Well either way, the Jones’ paid, in courts for copyrightsThe poor boy’s entire life became a legal fightThere’s an office in St. Louis that patents living thingsWhere doctors, lawyers, scientists claim anything with genes


Well Monsanto Jones posed for pictures of his contested headHe’d been sued within an inch of lifeWishing he was deadThe courts had ruled and they were fooled he had to pay for just being a childThere was no seed on all the earth that could still be counted wild


I had the opportunity to ask Chris about his inspiration behind his song Monsanto Jones and he said:

"I guess it was from being bewildered that Agri business companies would sue an organic farmer after alerting them that their uncontrollable technology had infected and ruined the smaller farmer's life and efforts. It's a humorous channeling of those feelings of frustration."

Just for fun questions with Old man Luedecke:

Favourite meal to cook?

I think goulash and red cabbage and boiled potatoes. But lately, when I make a really good stock, I love making French onion soup. I didn't grow up with it, but I enjoy following the Julia Child recipe.

Favourite cookbook?

I think Fear of Frying by James Barber was really helpful and I went after a lot in it. Really straightforward. But I started out trying to cook with the Moosewood Cookbook and that guided early efforts and I still look at it.

Favourite farmer’s market?

Nowadays it's the Lunenburg market [in Nova Scotia]. It's close to home and has many of the vendors that I enjoy buying from. It's also open all year round. I'm away a lot but my wife Teresa goes often for special bread and fish and visiting and to let our hooligan toddlers play. Teresa supported us both at the Halifax Market selling her beautiful pottery when I first quit my job to do music. Going there to help her was what brought me into the fold and appreciation of the community and commitment people have to these places.

What are your kids favorite foods?

Plain boiled noodles. Hard cooked egg whites and any fruit that stains permanently.

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