Are you a Mindful Eater?

Let's talk about where you're putting your attention when you're eating your food...

Video Transcript

When I was in college I took a Psychology course and one of the exercises we did has stuck with me for so long.

Every person in the class was given an apple.

It was a pretty small class, about 10 of us. We were each given an apple and told to examine it- to truly look at it for 10-12 minutes. We were instructed to really get to know our apple.

The next step was to go and put your apple in the middle of the room.

The instructor then proceeded to mix them all up.

Then we were told to go and find our original apple.

This may seem like a little bit of a wonky exercise, but you wouldn't believe how incredible it was that every single person who truly took the time to look at their apple, was able to go pick out their specific one.

An apple isn't just an apple

To the average person, an apple is an apple. They look the same, taste the same and they're all identical.

But when you really take the time to look at it, you can see it's own unique properties and really appreciate it for everything that it is.

So the idea isn't to sit there and stare at your apple or food before you eat it, but the idea is to just get you thinking about where you're putting your attention when you're eating.

What do you do when you eat?

When you eat are you scrolling through your phone, looking at your computer, watching TV- that's not being attentive to what you're putting in your body.

When you actually put awareness into your food, it gives you that much more ability to digest it, absorb it, receive it and let it do it's healthful work in your body.

Start paying attention to what you're eating

Observe the colours, the taste, the smells the look and truly appreciate it, embrace it and enjoy it for everything that it is!

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