Giving Up Social Media

Just wanted to let you know that you won’t see me on social media for the month of January, professionally or personally.

No, this isn't some fad New Year's resolution- it's an inner calling that I've been pushing to the back burner for a while, but am now finally ready to listen.

And honestly, just writing that makes me feel so freaking free.

I’m so pumped to clear up time and space in all aspects of my life.

I’m going to paint, meditate, learn how to make soap, visualize, be totally present with Stephen, totally attentive to my dog and not even consider snapping a picture and sharing it. I don’t want to crave the likes. I don’t want to constantly be checking for comments. 

Can someone do all of the about while spending some time on social media? 100% yes!

But I have this inner voice encouraging me to create space and give myself permission to be totally un-present on these platforms. 

It’s freeing.

I’m eager to bring myself back to a time when if a friend goes to use the washroom while we’re out for coffee, I actually look around the coffee shop and not check my phone. I’m excited to make eye contact with people I’m in line with at the grocery store instead of checking my phone. I'm excited to go back to using an actual alarm clock as my wake up, not my phone!

When Stephen and I first met we spent all our time together in nature in the Mountains, literally secluded from everything. There was no Facebook back then, no Instagram and the pictures we took weren't to share with the world. They were precious memories we captured for ourselves, to remember a moment in time. To hold sacred in our hearts. I long to go back to that feeling. 

A simpler time when a hike was a hike. Not an event to post on Social Media (which I get that it's kind of ironic that I'm sharing these pictures now, but it's just to get that feeling of being truly connected with others + self + nature):

When I made this decision yesterday the universe played a funny trick on me. For the first time ever, I left my cell phone at home when I went into town. And guess what, I survived! I had to laugh and think “OK Big U, message received- this is a great decision”. 

Moving to the beach earlier this year was one of the greatest life decisions to be closer to nature. Now, I'm taking it to the next level. And I can't wait.

I came across this quote earlier this year, and I love it: 

"There is no wifi in the forest but I promise you'll find a better connection".

You can still expect me in your inbox with updates and insights and if you need to reach me email is the best way ( Not to mention, if you are looking to start your 2017 off working with a highly attentive and present coach, just shoot me an email.

Wishing you a great last few days of 2016. 

Krista Butler2 Comments