Find Your Coach

This is another story of the stars aligning and knowing that you are fully supported by the Universe.

Last summer I was feeling a little defeated by my business- frustrated with not having a thriving practice and finding it hard to find people who “get” what I’m doing.

My friend Chelsea told me about a seminar happening at Saje Natural Wellness on Spring Garden Road, and little did I know this would change the course of everything for me.

After the seminar, I approached presenter/ co-founder, Jean-Pierre, telling him that everything he shared is in-line with my vision of spreading health, happiness and high-vibe living. 

After a few email exchanges and conversations, Jean-Pierre suggested we coach together. I immediately said “Hells Yes”!

Since I’ve started working with Jean-Pierre I’ve grown leaps and bounds through the work we’ve done together, personally and professionally.

So all this to say, if YOU are passionate about personal growth, work with a Coach! 

Not all coaches are created equal. I’ve worked with coaches (and have paid a lot of money) to people who made grandiose promises and unrealistic claims. Not trying to play the victim card here, just saying that I know what it’s like to work with a shitty coach.

Find a Coach who you click with. Someone you get a good vibe from. Someone who wants to be your partner in creating the life of your dreams. Trust your gut. Invest in yourself. Believe in the power of co-creation. 

Trust that the right people appear in your life at the right time.

And if you think I could be that Coach for you, it would be an honour to get a conversation started about how this can happen. 

Krista ButlerComment