Eat This On The Next Full Moon: Full Moon Chocolate

The full moon is a time of reflection and letting go.

It’s also the perfect time to celebrate our connection with the wild women who came before us, those who were totally in tune with the moon cycle.

Making this chocolate treat for yourself (or to share with others) on the full moon is a great way to tune in with the wise women of the past, the source of what you’re eating and connecting with what fuels your body.

Raw cacao (chocolate) has a vibration that replenishes the third eye chakra. If you tend to be an over thinker, chocolate may be exactly what you need to replenish your third chakra reserves!

In terms of color, food with dark pigments (brown, black, purple) increases longevity. And it just so happens that chocolate is the number one longevity food.

So whip up this recipe on the next full moon to celebrate the nourishment that comes from the Earth and the sweetness that you deserve in your life.

Click here to get the recipe!

As featured in elephantjournal