5 Apps I Use Everyday to Improve Mindfulness

1- Clock/Timer

This built-in app is my savior for getting up off my butt and moving my body.

As someone who sits behind my computer for the majority of the day, this app keeps me accountable to 1) move my body 2) stay focused.

Here’s what I do (based on the Pomodoro technique): set the timer for 25 minutes and work on one specific thing in that time frame (no facebook, instagram or whatever to distract me). When the timer goes off, I set it for 3 minutes, during which time I stand, stretch, get water, go pee, etc… Repeat as necessary.

2- Spirit Junkie

From Gabrielle Bernstein, this alarm-style app sends you daily affirmations.

A few that I have "favorited" over the years:

  • I am open to infinite possibilities
  • I choose to be kinder, gentler and more loving
  • When I support myself I feel supported by the world
  • I have the power to change my experiences by changing my thoughts and words

I've set my alert for 1:37pm (if you know why I've chosen this time (hint: think 90s cult classic movie involving music + friends) email me, and I will send you something special in the mail. You rock). Everyday it’s a check-in with myself to center me and remind me “you’ve got this”.

3- My MoonTime

Two things I’m obsessed with 1) the moon 2) the menstrual cycle.

Combine the 2 and what do you get? An amazing app that let’s you keep track of your period in relation to the phases of the moon. A must for any woman who wants to connect deeply with her body and the ancient wisdom of the moon.

4- Calm

I am a big fan of keeping track of what I do. This app simply let's me keep track of how many days in a row I meditate. Great for accountability.

5- YouTube

By now you know that I include a YouTube video at the end of all my blog posts with the hope to get you up and dancing.

Being present in your body and feeling the pleasure of movement is a great form of mindfulness.

Take advantage of the YouTube app on your phone to instantly access your favorite song to dance to at any given moment!

And please don't judge me on this song choice. You can be a spiritual person and also love The Biebs. This song is just soooooo fun to move to! Try it out.