Linda Bolton- Healthy, Happy & Hot Entrepreneur

Linda BoltonName: Linda Bolton

Biz Role: Holistic Coach


Location: Halifax, NS

#1 Health Tip: Keep at your health journey- there's going to be something that works for you.


If I could thank Twitter for one thing, it would be for being able to connect with Linda Bolton.

As fate would have it, we live in the same city so we were able to move from a "Twitter Relationship" to real live friends.  We have coffee dates every week ever since then.

Mother, entrepreneur and big-hearted, Linda knows the importance of self-care.

As a Holistic Coach, she guides women to find the balance in their life to truly feel happy.

On top of that, she offers self-care retreats for women who need to just get away for a weekend and give some much needed attention to their own wellbeing.

Learn Linda's tips & tricks of how to incorporate being healthy into your every day life by watching our chat below:

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