Connie Curtis- Healthy, Happy & Hot Entrepreneur

Connie-Curtis-CircleName: Connie Curtis

Biz Role: Gluten and food allergy specialist

Location:  Texas, US

#1 Health Tip: Schedule your healthy habits in your calendar and take it one step at a time.


Living with a food sensitivity is not easy.

Having the support of someone to guide you through the process of figuring out what to eat is crucial.

Enter Connie Curtis.

Having dealt with food sensitivities herself, Connie guides people who are newly diagnosed with food sensitives to move through  their roadblocks, and go from surviving, to thriving, effortlessly.

Check out my interview with Connie here (it's a little choppy, excuse my editing skills, but you'll get the overall message!).

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In our discussion Connie Mentions "The Dirty Dozen" (pesticide-wise). This is a list put together by the Environemtnal Working Group that measures which foods contain the most pesticides (and which contain the least). Click here to check it out.

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