Sabrina Bolin- Healthy, Happy & Hot Entrepreneur

Sabrina-Bolin-CircleName: Sabrina Bolin Biz Role: Intuitive Coach & Hypnotherapist


Location: Los Angeles, USA

#1 Health Tip: Make peace with your thoughts

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Raise your hand if you can relate to Sabrina's story: it was through ignoring her health and stress (and reaching a low) that made her realize she needed to deal with it.

Once she brought awareness to this and tuned in to her own energy, her life changed for the better (you can put your hand down now).

Don't miss at ~16:00 where Sabrina gives (in my opinion) and incredible analogy of how to view our thoughts are like a Sushi Conveyor Belt- take charge away form them, and trust that the thought will come back around if it's important enough.

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