Fab Giovanetti- Healthy, Happy & Hot Entrepreneur

FabName: Fab Giovanetti

Biz Role: Business Mentor

Website: http://www.beapassionjunkie.com

Location: London, EN

#1 Health Tip: Give your body what it needs, listen to your gut & take probiotics!

Fab is the kind of person you want to work with.

Her down-to-earth (and hilarious) approach to business and health and wellness is contagious.

As a marketing specialist and business mentor, she works specifically with wellness entrepreneurs. It's no coincidence that she's picked up  healthy tips and tricks along the way!

Her morning routine looks like this: exercise, shower, dry brush, meditate (not long 10-15 mins), prepare a healthy breakfast, take supplements (she's a lover of probiotics, as am I- click here for a good quality one).

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Overall, she's all about starting your day off on a healthy foot, which seems to be a common trait for many Healthy, Happy & Hot entrepreneurs!

Check out my chat with her below to be inspired to do the same:

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