Deciding to Make a Change

I dyed my hair for the first time in my life yesterday. My dark brown/black hair now has "ombre blonde" in it. Never did I ever think that would happen...


And although I was nervous to actually go through with it, I did it, and the change feels oh-so-good.

This is also how I’m feeling about my business right now.

You see up until this point Food Savvy has been about reaching out to women of all ages and demographics to help them with their wellness journey.

But they say in business you need to choose a “niche”.

So I’ve bit the bullet and decided that I want to work with women entrepreneurs who need some help with making their health a priority.

So how will this effect you, if you are a keen reader of my blog? Not much.

I fully plan to post about natural living that apply to all.

But the services I offer (and the occasional Facebook/Twitter update) will be geared towards entrepreneurial women.

Maybe this will change in the future (just as the blonde in my hair will grow out) but for now I’ve gotta follow this instinct and be of service to other women who are building a biz.

So I challenge you, are there any changes you need to make in your life? Think about it. Act on it. And rock it.

Speaking of rocking it, I will leave you with this sing-a-long-song all about Change.. Enjoy!

[su_youtube url="" width="360" height="260"]

PS: Full disclaimer there is nothing natural or holistic about this dye in my hair and that’s OK. It will just grow out eventually, and for now, I’m just going to rock it!