5 reasons to get a Pet Chicken

Pet-Chicken-1 This weekend I attended a Skill Share event where people gathered and shared their skills (as the name suggests).

People were sharing their knowledge on how to knit, ferment veggies, sharpen knives & how to grow nut and fruit trees.

But the one presentation that really struck me was on how to raise backyard chickens. If you live in Halifax you can check out this Facebook Page for more info on backyard chickens.

Let's get two things out of the way right off the bat (preconceptions that I admittedly had):

  • Backyard chickens do not make noise
  • Backyard chickens do not smell

After listening to this presentation, I was convinced that I wanted backyard chickens for the following reasons:

1. They're the pet that keeps on giving! Imagine collecting fresh eggs every day?! ( a typical hen will lay 1 egg per day). Too good to be true, in my opinion.

2. Gets the discussion going with others about where food comes from.  Whether it's a dinner guest you serve one of your eggs to, or a kids from down the street, backyard chickens open discussion on important topics of food security and food sources.

To quote a handout I received a the Skill Share session:

Raising hens sparks a conversation about and understanding of the real foundations for a resilient, sustainable, food-secure and delightfully interconnected community.

3. Connects you with your neighbours! It is wise to let your neighbours know your backyard chicken plans beforehand (as a side bonus they would probably love to try some of your excess eggs!)

4. Gives you amazing fertilizer for your gardening pursuits!

5. It's fun! Any pet will bring more love and happiness to your home, and that's just plain ol' good-hearted FUN.

That being said, you can’t just randomly decide to go off and buy hens. You need to be prepared.

Enter my friends Tamara & Kelly.

These two babes know their stuff when it comes to backyard chickens

Believe me when I say these two ladies know their stuff when it comes to hens.

Their new ebook is a MUST HAVE for anyone considering backyard hens! If you're looking for a concise, organized and informative guide on how to do raise backyard chickens, this is it. Not to mention, it is visually beautiful to look at.

From starting costs, to chicken anatomy, to breeds and to building a coop, these two have got your butt covered.

One part of the guide that is particularly of interest is how to ferment your chicken feed. Talk about supercharging your hens with nutrition!

You can get your copy by clicking here.

oh lardy backyard chickens ipad

Do you keep backyard pet chickens? If yes, has it been a rewarding experience? If no, would you consider doing it?  Let me know in the comments below.

See you in the kitchen,

Krista B.