Dear Ellen, I love you, but let's talk about food


Dear Ellen,

I love you, but let’s talk food.

We both agree on the fact that something is wrong with the food system in our world today. We both know we need to cut out the processed crap, and fuel your body with real, living food.

Where we differ is the thought that this real, living food should only be plant-based.

And don't get me wrong, I was a vegetarian for 8 years of my life thinking that I was doing good for my body, the environment and animals.

But once you allow your mind and heart to accept that there are farmers out there doing noble and honourable work with their livestock, you may find it in you to give your body the nutrients that pasture-raised meat (and eggs and dairy) give.

In an interview with Katie Couric in 2010, you talk about your reasons for changing to a vegan diet, and I agree with absolutely everything you say.

Here is a breakdown of that conversation (my comments in bold):

  • You were influenced by Diet for a New America- So was I. But then I read Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and was even more inspired.
  • It was easy to disconnect from food- Wholeheartedly agree- I'm sure a lot of us can relate!
  • We fold ourselves that there are happy cows- Respectfully disagree- there are happy pasture-raised cows
  • Disturbing reality- Wholeheartedly agree
  • So much consumption/mass-production- Wholeheartedly agree
  • Environmental concern- Wholeheartedly agree
  • You love animals- Wholeheartedly agree
  • Putting something that is filled with fear, anxiety & pain in your body makes you feel those things too- Wholeheartedly agree
  • It takes a major shift in your life to make food changes- Wholeheartedly agree
  • Think of what's on your plate- Wholeheartedly agree

Now I know this was just one conversation, but I just want to get the dialogue going.

And Ellen, I’m not just talking to you.

I’m reaching out to all magazines, TV shows, newspapers (yes people still read these!), blogs, etc... Anyone who provides food inspiration to the general public needs to step up and take responsibility.

Let’s put the health of our readers/viewers as the #1 priority.

Something is wrong with our current way of eating. We need to bring real foods back on the plate, ASAP.

Action Plan

Here’s what I would love to see happen:

Let’s encourage people to connect with their local food supply- get to know what grows in your corner of the world, talk to farmers, and connect with the food you put in your mouth.

Why do this? Well, let’s acknowledge that food choices play a role in our health. Let’s strive to give each and every single cell in our body the fuel it needs to be healthy.

With that being said, let's not subscribe to one eating regime. Each individual needs to figure out what works for their own body.

I do think it is 100% necessary to use Real Food as the basis of any healthy lifestyle (bye bye to margarine, skim-milk, refined foods, excessive sugars and any ingredient that you can't pronounce!).

But let's give people quality advice about nutrition with recipes using ingredients to nourish from the inside out.

So, Ellen, I want to thank you for putting so much good into the world. I have spent many hours with you laughing, crying, dancing & just loving what you share with the world.

And most recently, let me just say "Thank You" for your game ‘Heads Up’. It provides my hubby and I with hours of entertainment (even though we sometimes flip the phone the wrong way and it says 'pass' instead of 'correct'. Oops!).

[su_youtube url="" width="360"]

But now, I ask you to take it one step further.

Will you lead the way to bringing wholesome Real Food back to the plate?

Encourage people to connect with their local food supply and get to know the hard working and honourable farmers who also bring so much good to the world?

Thanks, Ellen. You da best.