Cut your time in the Grocery Store in half- Meal Planning 101


I can promise you this- meal planning will save you time and stress when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

There was a point in my life where I found myself going to the grocery store every. single. day.

If I lived (prepare yourself for a dream of mine) in a quaint European village where I could buy fresh food on my walk home from work at an outdoor market, then yes, that would be wondrous.

But that is not my reality and having to run out every day to get last minute food items is no fun, you guys!

And so, I present to you my solution: Meal Planning.

Two options:

1) Use this amazing online tool called Real Plans, where all your meals, ingredients list and recipes are prepared for you on a weekly basis.

It is life changing.

Check it out here

real plans
real plans

2) The old-school way of writing out your meals for the week.

If you need a meal planner where you can print it out and fill in the blanks for the week, click here: Meal Planner

Meal Planner Food Savvy
Meal Planner Food Savvy

I personally like to put mine in a visible place.

Can you spot it in my kitchen?

It's one of those peel chalkboards on my fridge!

This is what I bought- so cheap!

Benefits of meal planning and having it displayed on the fridge:

  • Organization- I make the menu (slash consult family members for what they want to eat) on Friday evening/Saturday morning before I head to the market. Buying everything I need for the week will save me major time on weeknight evenings.
  • Less Questions- Everyone can see what is for dinner, therefore no one is pestering me about what we're eating that night!
  • Accountability- When you have your list in a visible spot, you are less likely to deviate from it. It keeps you on track.
  • Preparation- If something needs to be thawed, chopped, washed, etc I am reminded of it every time I see the fridge so I won't forget about it!

What do you think? Would this keep you accountable? Let me know in the comments.

See you in the Kitchen,

Krista B.