4 Unsuspecting Causes preventing you from losing weight

It's Q&A Thursday and today's Q is a great one, from Genie. She asks:

It seems like every September (and January!) I commit to losing weight, but it never actually happens despite my best efforts. What can I do to actually see results this time?

This is a great question that doesn't have a simple answer.

In the video below, I got into a little bit of detail about the following underlying causes of being unable to shed those pounds:

  1. Digestive Issues
  2. Fueling your body with Real Food
  3. Food Sensitivities
  4. Stress & Adrenal Fatigue

This is just a quick little ditty for some issues that you need to consider on you weight loss (& wellness journey). For those in HRM, it touches upon some concepts that will be covered in the upcoming Get At The Roots Weight Loss Course.  

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Until then, wishing you a week of wellness & delicious food!

See you in the kitchen (or perhaps the Get At The Roots Course!),

Krista B