Back to School Lunch Inspiration

It's Q& A Thursday!

Today's Question comes from Kathy, and she asks:

“This school year, I want to feed my kids healthy lunches but I am in a rut with ideas of what I can pack for them. Any tips or advice?”

Well Kathy, first I just want to say good job on making the decision to fuel your kids with Real Foods!

I know it can definitely be tough to continually come up with ideas for what to pack for kids lunches (and adult lunches for that matter!) but I hope the sites I’ve provided below can provide some inspiration.

It’s all about keeping it simple.

Check out these sites for back-to-school lunch inspiration!  

School Lunch Roundup (Beautiful Pictures for inspiration!)

Six Strategies for Super Healthy Lunches Kids Love!

6 Healthier Options for your Children's Lunch Box

Lunch-On-The-Go Survival Guide

See you in the kitchen!  (and keep your questions coming!)