Quench your thirst with homemade sports drink

Let's keep this short and simple.

Store-bought sports drinks (Gatorade, Powerade, Vitamin Water, etc) do absolutely zilch for your health and well being. This may come as a surprise, because their marketing techniques do a great job of making you think otherwise.

What it comes down to (with any food): ALWAYS READ THE INGREDIENTS. I personally would not want to refuel my body with monopotassium phosphate (fertilizer), artificial flavors (yum, chemicals), brominated vegetable oil (flame retardant- no joke) and other foreign substances that our body does not know how to digest.

The good news is, after a workout, or on a hot summer's day, you can give your body what it needs with the following homemade sports drink recipe:

Homemade Sports Drink

-Juice of 2 limes (or lemon) ~1/3 cup (this is your TRUE natural flavour)

-1tbsp of raw local honey (quick carbohydrate source and also nutrients from raw honey)

-1/4 tsp sea salt (replenished electrolytes and minerals)

- water

Combine all ingredients in a quart size mason jar (~1L), shake it, and you're good to go! Easy Peasy.

It was a ton of fun sampling this as part of Open City in Halifax. My goal was to get my fellow Haligonians to think about what exactly  they are putting in their body to fuel it. The main message, with all things nutritional therapy, EAT REAL FOOD.

I loved hearing input from people about different options for this simple recipe:

-A gentleman suggested crushing up raspberries as the flavour. This sounds delicious and can probably be done with any fruit of your choice!

-Someone else suggested used soda water to create a spritzer type drink- perfect idea for summer time lounging!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for a little chat- it was a great day of talking real food nutrition!