Why Proper Digestion is Important to Your Health Goals

This post is a little more on the technical side- but it's imperative that you understand how your digestive system works, considering it's something that is in constant use within your body!

TIP: *watch this video to properly understand this lesson!


A properly functioning digestive system is a key component in achieving optimal health. Did you know that 85% of your body’s immunity is in the gut (intestines) lining? Also, did you know that this gut lining covers the area of a tennis court? That’s a whole lot of gut to take care of….

Here are some tips to ensure that you are doing the best you can to optimal digestion:

1)      Chew your food! Try to count to 30 with every bite, or put your fork down between bites…. Don’t rush… pay attention to the speed that you consume what’s in front of you.

2)      Know your stomach acid! Do you have a lot of gas, bloating and belching? Stomach acid is KEY in keeping these issues at bay and ensuring that the rest of the digestion system runs smoothly. Although when we hear the word acid we tend to think of it as “bad”, it is the most critical component in digestion… Consider taking apple cider vinegar before each meal to prepare your stomach, or look into Hydrochloric Acid Capsules.

3)      Pay attention to your bowel movements! Did you poop today (yes, we talk a lot about poop in this field!)? Was it floating (a sign you’re not absorbing your healthy fats)? What colour was it? Knowing these details will allow you to tune in to what’s going on in your body.

These are just a few ideas of what to pay attention to within your body about digestion. Make it your mission to pay attention to these things so that you can identify what changes are happening within your body. Happy Eating!