Random Facts You should know

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Avocados

Favorite Smell: Pine

I am a Tantra Yoga Instructor

Favorite Quote: I have a million favorite quotes, but let's start with this one- "You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously”- Sophia Bush

I run a a Wellness Centre out of my basement

I have a dog named Kali (yes, as in the Goddess of Destruction & Rebirth #fitting)

I'm married to an engineer

I have 2 sisters

I was born & raised in Montreal

I have lived in 4 provinces

I live for adventure + connection


How I Landed on Coaching

I went to Bishop's University in Eastern Quebec where I studied Environmental Studies. Most of my learning came from living in residence, late nights at the 1 bar in town, and connecting deeply with my classmates.

 This was followed by getting a Masters of Science from McGill University where I my intention was to save the planet.

After several years in the environmental field (and not feeling like I was saving the planet) I decided to follow my gut and become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

After helping hundreds of women focus on eating well, I realized "good health" encompases way more than just a strict meal plan (which can actually cause more harm than good).

So I switched gears again and studied with the Coaches Training Institute and Canada Coach Academy to dedicate myself to working with people as a WHOLE. 

I peel back the layers and uncover what your heart and soul are whispering to you. To create the space to forget about the “shoulds and musts” and encourage you to tap into living from a place of intuition and flow.


about Coaching

I am here to stretch you and shake up your thoughts. My job is to call you out on any limiting beliefs and help align your head and your heart. I am here to ask the questions no one else will ask. I am here to champion you when I see you shine and hold you accountable to pursue your deepest desires. I am here to tap into the power that is within you. I am here to witness you expand in your relationships, personal and professional and watch life unfold in the most beautiful, vibrant way.

My coaching approach is co-active meaning you + me = a team. I trained at the Coaches Training Institute and the Canada Coach Academy and believe wholeheartedly in the power of coaching.

I'm part of a growing coach collective, RISE Coachestaking a collaborative  approach to the ever-evolving world of coaching. We believe in profound clarity & infinite growth.

If our core values (below) resonate with you, then you're our kind of person.



We show up with vulnerability and break through perceived boundaries to live life to its fullest.


We continuously evolve through self-understanding and leaning into discomfort to unlock our growth.e to its fullest.


We lead from a present and wholehearted place to powerfully serve others and ourselves.


We build our capacity to experience the fullness of life by elevating our physical, mental and emotional health.

Our approach is based on 3 specific areas:



What are your values?
How do you show up in the world?
What is your opportunity for growth?



Who do you intend to be?
What is your vision and direction?
What mindset do you want to have?



What energizes you and drains you?
What will hold you accountable?
What are the steps you can take now?